Overview of services

Every event can be split into different phases. We support you from the initial concept up to the follow-up.

The concept phase

A vague notion? Concrete plans? Always let the steam out! We have been working together with several agencies for many years. We sit together round the table from the outset and make our contribution to an idea being transformed into a concrete project. Our services during this phase:

  • Preliminary planning
  • Design planning
  • Technical concepts
  • Visualisations
  • Room concepts

The planning phase

Well thought-out planning is the initial prerequisite for a successful event. We carry out the technical planning in close collaboration with the customer, taking all aspects relevant to a successful event into account at the same time.  An overview of our services:

  • Technical planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Tenders
  • Price comparison, price checking, allocation recommendations
  • Functional and detailed performance specifications

The realisation phase

Now it’s for real. Together with you and possibly further partners and service providers we realise what has been previously prepared. At the same time, we not only pay attention to smooth realisation, but also take care of approvals and all safety-relevant topics. Our services for you include:

  • CAD drawings (seating, stage, sound and evacuation plans)
  • Construction time planning
  • Obtaining authorisation
  • Preparing risk assessments and fire protection concepts
  • Fire brigade plans according to DIN 14095 (German Industrial Standard)

The implementation phase

Everything runs like clockwork – that’s how it should be for a successful event. We take over the complete technical management and ensure that your event runs smoothly. Our offer:

  • Technical management and implementation of events according to DIN 15750 "Technical event technology services"
  • Sound level measurements and documentation (visitor and work safety)
  • Safety-related support (adherence to fire protection concepts, realisation of instructions)
  • Project monitoring
  • Inertisation of vehicle tanks with nitrogen or carbon dioxide at trade fairs and events including residual oxygen measurement and preparation of inertisation protocols
  • Provision of experts for specific areas

The follow-up phase

All’s well that ends well! We are also there for you after the event and prepare a precise overview of all processes and costs if desired. In the follow-up area we take over:

  • Follow-up discussions for documentation and evaluation
  • Preparation of a cost overview and cost control